In 1972, John Raktizis immigrated to the United States from Chios, Greece with his wife and three children. With a family to support, patriarch John found work at Sleepy Hollow Diner in Tarrytown, New York.

In 1982, John found himself unemployed with a family to support. Finding work seemed nearly impossible, John decided to take a gamble and sell his house in Tarrytown, to open his own restaurant in Queens, New York. With his limited knowledge of the English language, John sought the help of his eldest son, George. At the time, George was in the last year of college, nonetheless, he decided to join his father on this venture. On July 26, 1982, father and son opened "3-Star Coffee Shop" in Lefrak City.

The first few years were a struggle, but with the passion, determination, and experience of this father-son duo, the business prospered. In 1984, this once tiny coffee shop expanded and became what is now the Silver Spoon Diner. By 1991, both siblings, Anna and Nick, joined the family business. In 2015, the Silver Spoon UNDERWENT another transformation and continueS to grow and evolve along with the Lefrak CITY community.